Only known as Garison, he rose to power and expanded his late father's business into both legitimate and illegitimate venues. He runs an empire of human trafficking, drug dealing, and hired hitman (to name a few). Immune to the law through careful bribery, he always evades capture.

​Physical AppearanceEdit

​Faceclaim:  ​David Gandy

Age: ​41

​Build: ​Well-defined and athletic, with wider shoulders.

Hair: ​Dark brown, well-groomed.


  • None.

​Notable scars:

  • ​A short scar below his left eye.

Fashion: ​Garison wears designer suits, complete with carefully chosen ties, cufflinks and pocket squares. His style is that of a sharp British gentleman and is rarely seen in anything more 'relaxed'. On the occasions that he deviates from a tailored suit, he chooses light shirts with no tie or a soft cardigan. While his wardrobe is mostly neutral colours, he likes to wear patterned socks.


Garison has a cool demeanor, appearing calm and in control.


After his father died, he took over the family business.


  • ​Black market dealings:
  • ​Bribery:
  • ​Business performance:
  • ​Manipulation:
  • ​Martial arts:
  • ​Negotiation:
  • ​Persuasion:

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